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Understanding Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Doing it Different (DiD) provides Psychosocial Recovery Coaching or PRC for short to NDIS participants. PRC is different to Support Coordination…but what exactly is it?

PRC is a service funded under the NDIS for people living with psychosocial disability that the NDIS describes as a disability arising from a mental health issue.

The role of a Recovery Coach is to spend time with each particpant and develop together an individualised Recovery Plan. This plan is all about developing recovery goals and what wellbeing means to each person. At DiD we use person centred tools such as Good Day/Bad Day to understand what this means to each person, and how we work together and set goals to achieve more good days.

This can include:

  • Understanding what is important to you, your preferences, goals strengths and abilities to develop a Recovery Plan.

  • Assisting you to connect and coordinate other services and supports that are important to you and your plan.

  • Connecting with you and the other people that are important in your life to ensure a collaborative approach to your plan.

  • Assisting you to navigate your NDIS Plan and achieve the best outcomes possible.

  • Working alongside you to develop the skills of recovery, independence, resilience, positivity and self care.

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching is unique and individualised to each person - no two plans are alike. We know that navigating the NDIS is complex and often overwhelming. At DiD, we know the NDIS and have experience working at the Agency. We know what works and are committed to be there when you need us!

As Recovery Coaches, we have lived experience and personal connection to mental ill health and provide consistency, support and commitment to each person.

Find out more about Psychosocial Recovery Coaching and connect with us at

Together…We DiD

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