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Individualised Living Options Stage 1

Helping you find the the best living arrangements to suit your needs. 

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Many people living with disability need support to live independently and in a home in community, but don't want to live in group homes, often with people that are unrelated, and have nothing in common with.

Individualised Living Options Stage 1

Individualised Living Options (ILO’s) are different ways you can have a home that is important to you.

This can take time to plan, and there are many different options available. 

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Living with other people you choose and assist you informally.

Host Arrangement

This means another person, a couple or family ‘hosts’ you in their home and provides some support.

Living Alone

You live on your own and support is provided in a variety of ways - formal and informal.

Live Together

You live with another person that you know.

Other Scenarios

There are other scenarios that may work for you with the right support.

Exploration and design is all about you and finding the best living arrangement to suit your needs

To do this, the people working with you need to gather a lot of information, and assist you and your supporters to imagine and plan what is needed to support you to have a good life. At Doing it Different, we use universally developed Person Centred Planning tools to work with you to design and explore your home.

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Individualised Living Options

Doing it Different provides quality and ethical supports to ensure each person is at the centre of all decision making. Enquire about our services today. 

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