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Organisational Training & Consultation

Providing professional training workshops to organisations for supporting people with disabilities.

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Organisational Training & Consultation

 Person Centred Practice, Active Support, Cultural Change

Doing it Different provides a series of professional training workshops to organisations, based on industry experience and research in all facets of Person Centred Practice for supporting people with disability, as well as working in team environments.

Trainings Offered Includes

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and Becoming Person-Centred

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Person-Centred Leadership, Advocacy and Planning

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Person-Centred Risk Enablement

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Person-Centred Active Support

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Community Engagement and Inclusion

Active Support teaches direct Support Professionals how to provide effective support that has been proven to improve participation, choice and quality of life when working with people living with disability.

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People with an intellectual disability are entitled to lives which are as full as anyone else’s.

This is a fundamental human right, and we all have the following things that are important to most people:

  • Be part of a community

  • Have good relationships with friends and family

  • Have relationships that last

  • Have opportunities to develop experience and develop new skills

  • Have choice and control over their life

  • Be afforded status and respect

  • Be treated as an individual

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These Core Elements of Life

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Define what we mean by leading a socially valued lifestyle. When a person is not able to do typical activities independently, he or she will need support to do them. Active Support bridges this gap and provides the necessary supports required.


Active Support is designed to make sure that people who need support have the chance to be fully engaged and participating in their lives and receive the right range and level of support to be successful.

Training is offered to direct Support Professionals to understand the theory of Active Support, and its practical applications, and can be offered in a range of settings, small, large and virtually.

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Organisational Training & Consultation

Doing it Different provides quality and ethical supports to ensure each person is at the centre of all decision making. Enquire about our services today. 

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