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Doing it Different is Making a Difference

At Doing it Different our goal is to uphold individual human rights and provide people with opportunities to achieve their goals and aspirations. We do this by providing quality and ethical support to ensure each person is at the centre of all decision making.

We are passionate about individual human rights and creating change by building capacity to assist people with disabilities to live valued lives in the community.

Our Core Values

Diversity - We focus on inclusion and promote human rights and individuality (image swirl)

Independence - We value outcomes, capacity building and supported decision making (image arrows)

Dignity - We treat everyone with respect, value people and are ethical in all conduct (image hands)

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us today!

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1 Comment

Aug 18, 2021

Love this! EVERYONE deserves to have a home, to be the king or queen of their domain! SIL funding can be so limiting and this is such a massive step in the right direction! Love your work!!

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