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Yoga at Home

An experienced independent provider offering tailored services to support your NDIS journey.

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What We Stand For


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We focus on inclusion and promote human rights and individuality.

At Doing it Different our goal is to uphold individual human rights and provide people with opportunities to achieve their goals and aspirations. We do this by providing quality and ethical support to ensure each person is at the centre of all decision making.


We value outcomes, capacity building and supported decision making.

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We treat everyone with respect, value people and are ethical in all conduct.

Our Services

Providing quality and ethical supports to ensure each person is at the centre of all decision making.

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Support Coordination

Helping you build the skills needed to understand, implement and use your plan. Connecting you with people and services to help you understand your options.

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Specialist Support Coordination

Providing high level support to identify your goals, coordinate complex supports, and connect you with opportunities while building your capacity and resilience.

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By providing comprehensive pre-planning assistance and plan readiness support, we can help you be fully prepared for NDIS planning to ensure success.

Support Group
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Individualised Living Options Stage 1

Homes are where we live, develop, pursue our interests, and foster relationships. We assist you to explore and design what this means for you.

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Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Our experienced mental health practitioners spend time with you, and people closest to you, to understand your needs. 

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Organisational Training & Consultation

Specialising in Person Centred Practice, Active Support & Organisational Cultural Change. Available virtually, and for small or large groups. Interactive Staff post theory training is also available. 

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Business Meeting

Doing it Different Is About Being Authentic

Doing it Different (DiD) represents opportunity and being authentic in everything that we do. Our logo symbolises community, connection, circles of support, difference and individuality; and we celebrate...I DiD... You DiD...We DiD...They DiD.

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Get In Touch With Us Today

Doing it Different provides quality and ethical supports to ensure each person is at the centre of all decision making. Enquire about our services today. 

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